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Buy a property with me in beautiful Croatia!

Some time ago I wrote for you about Spain, Portugal and France as great locations to buy a holiday property, a second home or even a main residence for a family. Today it’s time for another destination, the beautiful Balkan Croatia.


Croatia – more than a holiday destination

After Spain, Portugal and France, Croatia, located on the Adriatic Sea, is the next destination I suggest to my clients. It is a beautiful country in the south of Europe with a long coastline, over one thousand two hundred smaller and larger islands (of which only 66 are inhabited), good cuisine and quite good spirits. For some time now, my company Crystal House has also been active in this market and provides clients with a comprehensive service – from identifying the ideal property, to showing and checking all the documents, to finalising the transaction and subsequent support e.g. in renting (in the case of investment properties).


And why is this destination worth considering? Here are 3 reasons that make Croatia a great alternative to the south of western Europe.

1. Cheaper than the south-west of Europe

This is due to the fact that Croatia was for a long time part of the former Yugoslavia and thus part of Eastern Europe.

2. Close to Poland

Croatia is closer from Poland than the Côte d’Azur, Spain or Portugal.


3. Beautiful coastline and sea

Croatia’s coastline is as long as … 5790 km! This is because Croatia has more than 1,000 islands that also count as part of its coastline. Besides, the Croatian Adriatic is simply wonderful and I do not know anyone who would not fall in love with the country’s coastline.

Apart from anything else, Croatia is simply a beautiful country that is worth not only visiting, but also living in!


3 recommended properties

A villa on the Istria island

A charming rustic villa with a modern yet traditional architectural style is located in the Istrian countryside, within excellent proximity to the tourist attractions of Rovinj, Poreč and Pula.

Price: PLN 4 300 000

📸 Crystal House

Villas on the Vis island

Four luxury villas are being built on the island of Vis, which has recently been actively promoted by the media for the filming of ‘Mamma Mia’, also known for decades as one of the special places on the Adriatic Sea.

Price: EUR 680 000

📸 Crystal House

Apartment in Trogir

The Solis apartment is a luxurious, modern three-bedroom flat. It is located in an attractive location, just 50 metres from the sea, in a quiet, picturesque seaside village near Trogir.

Price: EUR 645 000

📸 Crystal House

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