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Buy your dream property with me in France!

Some time ago, I wrote a text for you about property in Spain and Portugal – at the time I promised to devote another one to France. As with Spain and Portugal, in France too, the quality of the service provided by my company is something that directly translates into satisfaction for my clients. However, outside of Poland, I take extra steps to safeguard the transaction and the client.

I have been working with French intermediaries for years. Together, we create a unique buying experience for our clients: we search for investments, inspect them on site, accompany clients on site visits, and support them during the finalisation of the transaction. We make sure that the client feels taken care of from the moment they contact us to the moment they cross the threshold of their new property for the first time. 

Is it worth buying a property in France?

I can say with my hand on my heart that I know the south of France and especially the Côte d’Azur like the back of my hand. Saint Tropez, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Cannes and also Monaco – I know the area inside out.

The south of France, and the Côte d’Azur in particular, is one of my favourite places on earth – this stretch of Provence coastline stretching from Cassis to the Italian border is visited by an average of 10 million tourists every year! At the beginning of the 19th century, the coast was only visited in winter by rich French and English; mass tourism only developed after the Second World War. It was then that numerous hotels, marinas, bathing establishments and casinos were built in the area.

And what do I love this place for today? Fantastic views, warm sea, many sunny days a year, beautiful nature, the best cuisine in the world, the best wines in the world and the best cheeses in the world, plus some truly amazing real estate.

Although the French have a reputation for being complacent, I have had nothing but good experiences with them. They are very friendly and open-minded people. The only thing that can be problematic is their lack of knowledge, but even that can be circumvented. You just have to learn French 😉 This skill will be especially useful if you are planning to buy a property in the south of France.

And it is worth thinking about such a purchase, because it is an excellent investment of capital, but also a super holiday home in one of the most beautiful corners of the globe! More and more well-to-do Poles are investing in flats and villas in the south of France. 

5 luxury properties in France that you can buy via Crystal House

1. A beautiful villa in Cannes worth 33.2 million zlotys

📸 Crystal House

2. A luxury property in Saint Tropez worth 20.3 million zlotys

📸 Crystal House

3. A spectacular house in Cannes worth 25.8 million zlotys

📸 Crystal House

4. An incredible Villa Mento worth 20.2 million zlotys

📸 Crystal House

5. An opulent residence in Cannes worth 27.2 million zlotys

📸 Crystal House

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