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Moon Yacht 60: an alternative to a house in the south of Europe

Some time ago I wrote for you a text summarising this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival. One of the brands I described was Moon Yacht. And I would like to devote today’s post to this brand.

Moon Yacht: catamarans for sailors who love luxury

To say that Moon Yacht is a completely new quality in the world of catamarans is not enough, because the boats created by these shipyards are real luxury houses on the water. Each of them is an engineering marvel, refined down to the smallest detail in order to meet the owner’s sailing needs. The name of the shipyard refers to the moon and its influence not only on people but also on the sea.


Moon Yacht creates spacious, personalized boats of unparalleled comfort. Boats are designed by design teams that not only care about boatbuilding perfection, but also create dedicated architectural and interior solutions. An example of how fruitful their cooperation can be is the fact that the bold, innovative architectural concept of the superstructure superstructure made it possible to level the levels of the salon and the main deck, thanks to which the largest sun deck in its class was created.


Moon Yacht catamarans offer guests great conditions for relaxation. I will risk saying that these ultra-luxurious water houses are an alternative to real estate in the south of Europe – in France, Italy or Spain. Advanced sea navigation systems keep your travel safe and make it easier to steer your boat.


Last but not least, I must mention the materials used for finishing – this is only the top league, which makes the boat elegant, timeless and offers its owners an exceptional level of comfort. Considering how much the Moon Yacht catamarans cost, the price-quality ratio is simply excellent.


My type: Moon Yacht 60

If I had to choose one boat from the shipyard’s offer, it would be the Moon Yacht 60. It is a small, 18-meter catamaran equipped with two sails with a total area of 170 m2 and two Yanmar 4JH57 engines with a power of 57KM. It is possible to order it in several configurations, I liked the one with 4 master bedrooms with bathrooms the most. The yacht also has a sun deck and a large living room with a kitchen.

For me, it’s a perfect alternative to a house in the south of Europe.

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