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An amazing penthouse in Służewiec

For several years, I have been observing with increasing interest what is happening in industrial properties in Służewiec. Even at the beginning of the 21st century, this area was dominated by ugly office buildings as well as factories and warehouses in decline.

However, the more Służewiec became one of the business centers of the capital, the more developers found that the people working here had to live somewhere (preferably nearby). And since the city did not keep up with the improvement of the communication infrastructure, this industrial and office area was gaining more and more residential buildings each year.

Służewiec or Polish Mordor

The times past have left us a legacy of many industrial areas located in very attractive parts of the city. Służewiec Przemysłowy is one of them. And although there is a horse racing track and experimental concrete blocks housing estates in the immediate vicinity, anyone who ventured into this area in the 90s saw mostly ugly warehouses and all kinds of goods factories collapsing one after another – the Semiconductor Factory ” Tewa ”, Zakłady Urządzeń Dźwigowych, Factory of Radio Components“ Elwa ”, Zakłady Ceramiki Radiowej, Zakłady Mięsne“ Służewiec ”and finally Capital Factory of Leather Goods of the Local Industry“ Argo ”.

But the post-industrial area, occupying nearly 260 ha, had one huge advantage – it was located close to the city center and relatively well connected with it by tram and bus lines. The prestigious Stary Mokotów district was within walking distance, and the city center could be reached in 20 minutes. At the end of the 90s, the former industrial area showed its new face – developers, tempted by the advantages of the location, built more and more fancy office buildings for Polish and foreign companies, mainly from the service and commercial sectors.

Office space statistics soared, and thousands of people traveled to Służewiec every day by cars, trams, buses and trains. The office space density was so great that the neighbourhood gained the humorous name of “Mordor on Domaniewska St.” because of its associations with a land inhabited by a herd of orcs.

This state of affairs, however, could not last forever. Both office managers and people working here complained about the one-dimensionality of the place. Public transport could not cope, and driving to “Mordor” by car and trying to find a free parking space became an extreme sport for people with nerves of steel.

Someone finally came to their senses and made the only right decision: since getting to “Mordor” is a chore, maybe it is worth offering people the opportunity to live nearby. Architecturally great buildings with high-quality workmanship began to emerge like mushrooms. Służewiec has found its balance again and has finally become a very people-friendly district.

An amazing penthouse

Right here, in the apartment part of Służewiec, there is an amazing penthouse with a view of Tor Służewiec, which I would like to show you today.

The property has nearly 300 m2, which makes it very spacious. In the immediate vicinity there is Galeria Mokotów, and access to the Chopin airport takes about 7 minutes. Despite the proximity of the Warsaw office center, the neighbourhood is green and peaceful.

The apartment is located on the top floor and the elevator goes directly to the hall for the exclusive use of residents.

A well-designed and stylishly furnished place is an offer for lovers of modern, minimalist style. Wood on the floor, marble in the bathrooms and cozy bedrooms are perfect for chilling out. In addition, all rooms are air-conditioned, and the apartment has its own SPA equipped with a steam sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, a therapeutic bath and a relaxation room.

The new owner will have at his disposal a living room with a dining room, a functional kitchen, a master bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom, three bedrooms with bathrooms, a study and a laundry room.

The price tag is PLN 4,400,000. Parking spaces available for an additional fee of PLN 100,000.

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