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Top restaurants in Mykonos

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For several days now I have been with my fiancée on the Greek island of Mykonos. This is one of the coolest spots in the Aegean Sea – the local atmosphere is perfect for sunbathing, partying and chilling. Isa and I enjoy it as much as possible and it is really great!

About the island

Mykonos is situated in the Cyclades archipelago. It is one of the most popular Greek islands, full of tourists and travelers in the season, attracted by its beautiful beaches, charming towns, great weather and an atmosphere of constant fun.

Among the local attractions, it is worth mentioning the largest town Mykonos, which captivates with typical Greek island architecture – white houses with blue decorations is a sight that most of us associate with Greece.

Mykonos is also a paradise for all water sports enthusiasts – kitesurfers, windsurfers and sailors love this place because of the great weather conditions for practicing their beloved sports.

And finally … there is the local cuisine and great restaurants – I would like to devote most of my today’s post to them.

Top restaurants in Mykonos

Isa and I had the pleasure to visit some of the top local restaurants, but today I chose three for you, which in my opinion are top of the top.


I wrote about the owner of the Nusr-Et restaurant for you here. As a reminder: I had the opportunity to visit one of them in Dubai, where I met the owner and realized that everyone who loves good meat should visit one of the Nusret’s places at least once in their lifetime.

At Nusr-Et on Mykonos, we had a very nice reception and everything was just perfect – from a table with a view of the city skyline, through perfectly selected music, to excellent food. We ate fabulous steaks, although of course the menu is much richer – from snacks such as tartare or beef carpaccio, through six types of lettuce, to delicious meats – asado, entrecote, even amazing steaks, but also lamb, burgers and sucuk.

I must devote a separate paragraph to the dessert: the balaklava served there is a dessert so delicious that it is difficult to describe in words. Incredibly sweet, with a silky texture, it will appeal to all those who cannot imagine the best dinner without a bit of sweetness.

Finally, let me just add that Nusret has its own restaurants in his hometown of Istanbul, Ankara, Doha, Miami or New York, and its thresholds are often crossed by the mighty of this world, celebrities and athletes – for example Neymar, Leonardo DiCaprio or Puff Daddy. It is also a brand very popular in social media – it has over 40 million followers.


Coya is a chain restaurant originating in Peru, but don’t be confused by the word “chain” that is often used in relation to McDonald’s or KFC. Because Coya is top league when it comes to food. London, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Monte Carlo, Doha and Mykonos – in such places you will find Coya restaurants.

The restaurant in Mykonos is located in the very center of the city and from the very entrance it captivates everybody with its absolutely fantastic interior and perfectly selected music. Isa and I ordered tacos for a starter, and for main courses: chicken (pollo a la parilla) and sea bass (lubina chilena). All the dishes were brilliant, and the beverages and drinks served with them were top quality.

It was the first Coya restaurant I have been to, but I promise you that as soon as I have the opportunity to eat in other places, I will definitely give you a report. Because this place is positively brilliant!

180 Sunset Bar

For lovers of beautiful sunsets, located above the old port, 180 Sunset Bar will be like a paradise. It is here where, with a glass of something delicious, nibbling on great snacks, you can admire the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

The place has a huge occupancy, so you need to make a reservation, but it’s really worth it. The unique location allows you to see both the sea and the city from here. It is complemented by music ideally suited to the circumstances.

Other places worth seeing

Powyższe trzy miejscówki – choć każda zupełnie inna – totalnie urzekły mnie i Isę. Ale jest jeszcze kilka innych, które mogę Wam spokojnie polecić: 

  • Scorpios Mykonos – beach bar, restauracja i beach party położony na południu wyspy. Zdaniem wielu to najlepszy tutejszy beach bar. To nie jest miejsce dla szukających głośnych imprez 20-latków, tylko prawdziwy chill out przy drinkach i sączącej się z głośników spokojnej muzyce.
  • Nammos Beach Club – plaża, restauracja i klub w jednym. Możecie tu spotkać celebrytów i zwykłych ludzi, polenić się na pięknej plaży i zjeść coś dobrego lub przyjść wieczorem na jedną z fantastycznych imprez.
  • Principote Mykonos – dla wielu miejsce must-go. Beach club i restauracja o luksusowym zacięciu w otoczeniu surowej i dzikiej przyrody. Konieczna wcześniejsza rezerwacja.
  • Buddha Bar – legendarna sieciówka z wychillowaną muzyką; nie udało mi się do niego dotrzeć na Mykonos, a chciałem, bo ostatnio byłem w Buddha Barze na Dominikanie i Dubaju.

The above three places – although each completely different – totally captivated myself and Isa. But there are a few others that I can safely recommend to you:

  • Scorpios Mykonos – beach bar, restaurant and beach party located in the south of the island. According to many, it is the best beach bar here. This is not a place for 20-year-olds looking for loud parties, but a real chill out with drinks and calm music oozing from the loudspeakers.
  • Nammos Beach Club – beach, restaurant and club in one. You can meet celebrities and ordinary people here, laze on the beautiful beach and eat something good, or come to one of the fantastic parties in the evening.
  • Principote Mykonos – a must-go place for many. Beach club and restaurant with a luxurious flair, surrounded by raw and wild nature. Booking in advance required.
  • Buddha Bar – legendary chain store with chilled music; I did not have a chance to visit the one in Mykonos, even though I wanted to, because recently I was in the Buddha Bar in the Dominican Republic and Dubai and I really liked it.

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