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Is having your own hotel a good business idea?

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Good business ideas are worth their weight in gold. When we find something that brings us joy and money (like being a real estate agent is for me), we draw immense satisfaction from work. Of course, your own business means a lot of sacrifice: you are literally working all day long and since there is always something to do, your own company will never be a 9 to 5 job. Yet, the feeling of having the power to act is really something else.

Is your own hotel a good business idea?

Some time ago, a very rare property was listed exclusively at Crystal House. It is a renovated unique palace and park complex which houses a hotel and spa and restaurant opened in 2018. It is a great business idea do someone who loves organizing parties, providing top quality hospitality services and has a fair knowledge about food and cooking. Such an exceptional property will surely be a source of immense satisfaction and generate quite a good profit if well managed.

What does the property consists of?

The palace and park complex is situated in the Kujawy region, at approx., 15 km from Inowrocław, 25 km from Toruń and just a tad further from the A1 highway. The palace, now housing a hotel, a spa and restaurant, was erected in the years 1845-1846. It was designed in the Neo-Renaissance style. It is a two-floor building and has a tower. There is also a small shrine in the park.

During the extensive renovation works that lasted over 5 years (2013 to 2018) the building was meticulously restored with top-class materials and fitted with state-of-the-art systems so as to make it most economically efficient in everyday use e.g. with a heat pump system. The final effect is a total of 21 four-star rooms accommodating 44 guests, an exquisite restaurant and an impressive bar, as well as an elegant hallway and conference rooms.

Let us not forget about the exceptional SPA featuring a dry and wet sauna, a Jacuzzi and massage rooms, all located in the atmospheric red-brick cellars.

The palace is situated within the historical nature park spanning an area of over 13 ha. There is also an adjacent pond and a 9,700 sq. m plot that can be developed and is not subject to the conservator’s supervision.

How much would you have to invest to become the new owner of this incredible place? PLN 12.9 million. I think that this would be a dream investment for someone who is passionate about old buildings and the hospitality industry. It would also save the owner a lot of time since everything has been done and is ready to use.

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