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Westminster Derby 2021: the most prestigious race in Służewiec

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It is true that I do not know horses, but I could not say no to such an event. After all, Westminster Derby 2021 is the most prestigious race of the season, and a unique opportunity to feel the emotions accompanying the regulars of the Służewiec track. That is why I was pleased to go to the races today and I am in a hurry to report on this event.

Służewiec Derby: the most prestigious race in Poland

This year, the 4th of July was a day awaited by all horse racing enthusiasts. It was on this day that the Westminster Derby 2021, the most prestigious race of the season, and eight other races took place in Służewiec. At 17:45 the race for the blue ribbon began, which was won for the first time in the history of Warsaw races by a horse ridden by a woman, i.e. Guitar Man under Joanna Wyrzyk.

Derby is a unique race – a horse can take part in it only once in a given country. This year, 13 horses entered the race – three-year-old thoroughbreds. The very tradition of holding this race dates back to the 18th century, and the distance to be covered is 2400 m. The first Warsaw derby took place in 1896.

It is worth adding that the derby is not only a race, but also the whole background, which in particular concerns style and elegance. On this day, there is an appropriate dress code, and ladies can take part in a competition for the most beautiful hat.

Is a horse a good investment?

Admiring these beautiful and extremely fast animals, a businessman woke up in me. After all, racehorses are a very good investment. Suffice it to say that the most expensive horse in the world, the Fusaichi Pegasus, was sold for … 60 million dollars. Although it is said that the highest value – $ 130 million – is Frankel, the winner of many races and the highest rated racehorse since 2011. However, it is not a horse for sale.

Of course, to make a good investment in a horse you must either know all about it or have excellent advisers. Which does not change the fact that a well-guided and capable racehorse that wins races can earn a lot of money for its owner! Therefore, I promise to explore this topic for you and I will come back with an article some time soon. Today’s racing day convinced me that it is worth it!

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