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5 most expensive private jets

You need a lot of money to become the owner of a private jet. But … you need an even thicker wallet, or in fact an account with many zeros, to become the owner of one of the most expensive planes in the world. Today I have a list of the 5 most expensive private-owned aircraft for you.

5. Roman Abramovich’s plane – USD 170 million

The Russian oligarch got us used to the fact that he likes everything luxurious. Yachts, apartments, cars and, of course, an airplane. His Boeing 767-33A ER cost $ 170 million. If Roman had a whim, he could take the entire Chelsea team on board and = accommodate them easily in his dining area designed for 30 people. It is worth adding that they would be well looked after and protected – Roman’s plane is equipped with an anti-missile defense system.

Abramovich's plane

4. Sułtan of Brunei’s plane – USD 323 million

If Roman Abramovich’s jet struck you as expensive, what would you say about the Sultan of Brunei’s plane that costs nearly twice as much? The custom Boeing 747-300 boasts luxurious equipment worth $ 100 million. Which shouldn’t be surprising if we take into account that there are … pure gold washbasins on board. It is a truly palace-like plane!

Sultan Brunei plane

3. Joseph Lau’s plane – USD 367 million

The real estate tycoon from Hong Kong also doesn’t fly with just anything. His Boeing 747-8 VIP covers nearly 450 square meters of space on two decks with luxurious guest cabins, a bar, a gym and a medium-sized conference room.

Joseph Lau plane

2. Alisher Usmanov’s plane – USD 400 million

The runner-up of our our list, the Russian oligarch, Alisher Usmanov, spent much more on his plane than Abramovich. Its Airbus A340-300 is even larger than the plane used by Vladimir Putin. Alisher has built himself a real luxury nest in the clouds: there is a dining room, several recreation areas, bathrooms and sleeping quarters.

Usmanov plane

1. Alwaleed bin Talal’s plane – USD 502 million

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the world’s most expensive private jet is owned by the Saudi royal family. The Airbus A380, belonging to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, cost just over $ 500 million, has 550 square meters of space, a mini concert hall, Turkish baths, a garage, and even … horse and camel stables. There is also a princely throne and a rotating prayer room that can always be positioned towards Mecca.

luxurious plane

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