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Marbella: A city of luxury

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The name Marbella literally translates as “beautiful sea”. And this is not surprising since the Spanish town of Marbella is simply beautiful. This small town is one of the most famous (if not the most famous) resort in all of Spain but also Europe. If you are lucky, you might come across George Clooney, Julio Iglesias or Antonio Banderas during your stay there.


Marbella is a town that became famous in the 1960s, when the Franco regime opened the country to foreign tourists. An attractive location, excellent conditions for water sports, proximity of the mountains and a mild climate made its popularity grow year on year. Other Marbella attractions include its Old Town and numerous Christian and Islamic landmarks, also ancient ones, the Golden Mile (or a section of the N340 national road lined with the most luxurious and most expensive houses), port Banus (where the mooring rate costs up to a few thousand euros) and beautiful beaches.

The location

Marbella is part of the Andalusian Costa del Sol, and is situated at the southern tip of the Iberian Penninsula. The town is close to Málaga which is just approx.. 50 km away. Owing to this, it is very easy to get to Marbella – there is an airport in Málaga which offers flights to every significant city in Europe. The casinos of Gibraltar are also not far away from Marbella.

The climate of Costa del Sol

On Costa del Sol, or the Sunny Coast, the sun shines all year round. Over 320 sunny days per year make it the sunniest city in all of Spain. On top of this, the local climate is very mild – the coldest months are December, January and February when the temperature oscillates around 12-14 oC. A temperature of 20oC in November is not a rare thing there.


Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

Marbella lies at the foot of the Sierra Blanca mountain, but even more attractive is the nearby Sierra Nevada offering numerous skiing routes, primarily of easy and medium difficulty, although there are a few black routes, too. Over 100 km of skiing routes, excellent snow conditions and lots of sun make it the most popular skiing resorts in Spain.

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Golf courses

The local golf courses are world-famous. Given this, it is not surprising that Costa del Sol is sometimes called the Golf Coast. There are over 70 well-designed and perfectly kept golf courses and the climate permits playing golf nearly all year round.

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Real property

All of the above features translate into very high prices of real properties, which are always in demand. A square metre of residential space in Marbella costs between a few to more than a dozen thousand euro. Interestingly, there are more and more offers of houses in apartments in Marbella at Crystal House and Poles are now expressing an interest in purchasing houses in the south of Spain more than ever before.


Visit Marbella with Crystal House!

Although organizing trips is not the main area of ​​my company’s activity, we sometimes organize visits for clients interested in buying real estate in the south of Spain. Together we decide what places we will visit and which properties we will see. We also take time to relax and learn more about Andalusian culture, art and gastronomy.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying an apartment or villa in the beautiful south of Spain, please contact me. This is a region that I know very well and which I really like to show because I love being in warm and sunny Spain.

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