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We are waiting for you at our luxury S&D Design showroom in Warsaw!

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The clients of my company Crystal House pay more and more attention to how the apartment or house is finished. The higher the standard of furniture and equipment, the greater the chances of a quick and financially satisfactory sale. Often do they also ask if a given apartment or house has potential, and I do my best to answer their questions. In order to do it well, I have been deepening my knowledge of the broadly understood interior design for some time, which enables me to advise them better.


Two years ago I decided to open a luxury showroom in Warsaw called S&D Design. I have managed to convince a world-class interior designer Sergey Kowalenko to work with me. Sergey has over 25 years of experience and his projects were executed in New York, Dubai or Moscow. 

There is no other place like this in Warsaw – you will find here luxurious furniture, accessories and home appliances of the highest quality. We propose our clients a completely different approach to interior finishing offering them  the best design straight from Italy.

Showroom in Wilanów

Our showroom is already up and running and you will find all the necessary info on our website. We import and sell furniture and appliances of brands such as Visionnaire, Shake Design, SCIC, Fendi Cucine, Milldue, Devon & Devon, Longhi and Poltrona Frau. They are all the ultimate crème de la crème in the world of interior design.

What’s on offer?

In our showroom clients will be able not only to see and order literally everything that is needed to furnish a real property i.e. furniture, fittings, tiles, carpets, textiles, wallpaper, lamps, kitchen cabinets… everything in short. We will also be providing VIP-standard interior design services.

How do we do it? The first step is arranging a meeting where we talk to identify the needs of our client, see the blueprint for the apartment or house and plan a budget. The next step is developing a mood board to help us illustrate the general atmosphere of the interior to be designed.

Once the client approves of our proposal, we develop designs for all the individual rooms (finishing materials, furniture, lamps, tiles, fittings, accessories, etc.), we develop the budget and set a schedule. We will also be responsible for hiring contractors and for supervision over the execution. The only thing we ask of our clients is for a thumbs up for the final effect and enjoy a one-of-a-kind interior 🙂

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