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An old dwelling in the Suwałki Region or slow life the Polish way

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Recently, I wrote a post about the advantages of living in the south of Europe, so today – for the sake of balance – there will be something closer to heart. In the end, as the saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” 🙂 So today I am taking you on a journey to the Suwałki Region, where the hero of my today’s post is located: an beautiful old dwelling habitat in Golubie Wężewskie. This is an exclusive offer that is being sold through my company Crystal House.

The Suwałki Region: more than the Polish North pole

Most of us associate the Suwałki Region with low temperatures in winter and moderate in summer. But this geographic land is much more than just the Polish North pole. This north-eastern corner of Poland is boots beautiful nature, surprisingly many monuments, peace, silence and very few tourists. In other words, it is the perfect place to be for someone who dreams of living in accordance with the principle of slow life.

What captivates me in the Suwałki Region is its postglacial landscape – gently undulating, with hills, lakes and ponds. There are many nature reserves here, there are also national parks: the Biebrza National Park and the Wigry National Park, as well as two landscape parks: the Romnicka Forest and the Suwałki Forest. In short, the Suwałki Region is one of the most beautiful regions in our country.

An old dwelling in Golubie Wężewskie

The property I would like to present to you today is an old dwelling located administratively in Golubie Wężewskie. It is an ancient – because it was founded in the 16th century – village, which was established as a fief estate.

The dwelling consists of several buildings that underwent a thorough modernization in 2001-2002. They are located in the very center of a 2,112,956 sq ft. plot. It is worth mentioning right away that there is a picturesque pond near the buildings.

Between the two buildings – the main house (230 sqm) and the guest house (166 sq2) – there are 8 rooms and 6 bathrooms. This means that the property is suitable not only for a year-round house, but also for agritourism. The more so because the current owners have prepared installations for more guest voices.

The great advantage of the dwelling is its traditional character – tiled stoves, exposed roof beams or a fireplace – and a finish referring to rural traditions.

The price tag for such slow life equals 2,850,000 PLN.

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