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Polish champs on the rise!

What a crazy time for Polish sport! First, Jan Blachowicz knocks out Dominick Reyes and wins the UFC championship belt, then Robert Lewandowski receives the title of UEFA footballer of the year, then Bartek Zmarzlik, a speedway rider, defends the world champion title and takes home the most important speedway trophy for the second time, and finally – the icing on the cake – a wonderful Iga Świątek becomes the first Polish winner of the Grand Slam tennis tournament.

That is why today I have some interesting facts for you about each of these athletes.

Jan Blachowicz

Blachowicz is a Polish mixed MMA fighter from Cieszyn. In late September, he knocked out an opponent at the end of the second round and won the UFC Championship. Earlier – before he started fighting in the UFC – he appeared at KSW galas. His fiancée Dorota is also one of his managers and looking at the results, she manages Jan’s career quite well. The competitor has three cars and a motorcycle, and is currently building a dream house.

Bartosz Zmarźlik

A great, young speedway rider, who not only won the world championship in 2019, but also – as one of the three competitors in the entire history of this discipline – defended it the following year. Even the great master Tomasz Gollob did not succeed in such art. Our humble master comes from the small village of Kinice in West Pomerania and says that he does not remember the first time he got on the motorcycle that his grandfather and dad built for him.

Robert Lewandowski

He is a footballer who needs no introduction. He has a great season behind him – with his team, Bayern Munich, he won everything there was to win: the German championship, the German Cup and the Champions League. I do not mention other triumphs, because everyone knows it. However, hardly anyone knows that his buddies call Robert “Bobek”, and Bobek himself broke several Guinness records: the fastest hat-trick (3 minutes 22 seconds), the fastest 4 and 5 goals scored in a Bundesliga match. Lewy is also a fan of shoes and he spends a lot of money on them; his favourite brands include: Nike, Balenciaga, Prada and Adidas.

Iga Świątek

Last but not least, our wonderful young clay court champion. Iga Świątek was the first person from Poland to win the single Grand Slam. Even such great players as Wojciech Fibak or Agnieszka Radwańska did not succeed in this area. Our 19-year-old Parisian winner comes from Raszyn and has a cat that – apparently – watches her play. Iga is a huge fan of Rafa Nadal (so she will probably be happy that he also won this year’s Roland Garros), likes historical novels and listens to rock music.

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