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Classy accessories for men

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post about men’s fashion, which is why today I will tell you more about selected male accessories, namely: watches, ties, shoes and sunglasses. These accessories make the look of an elegant man complete and their right pairing makes the outfit exceptional. I myself am a fan of classic elegance with a hint of nonchalance and this is the style of the accessories I pick on a daily basis.

Let me explain the pictures – they were taken 1.5 years ago, hence the weather but given the coronavirus epidemic I cannot plan another photo shoot any time soon 🙂


For many men this is the only item of jewellery they will allow (I am not one of them as I often wear men’s wrist bracelets). Of course, it would be best if the watch were brand-name and elegant, which does not mean boring by any means. When I say “brand-name” I certainly do not mean a Casio or Swatch but something of the likes of Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe or Breguet. Yes, I am aware that these timepieces are not cheap, but such a watch is a always a great accessory but can also be a profitable investment.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski


Ties are to men a little like shoes are to women – you can never have too many and each new one adds to the collection and lets you mix and match your accessories more creatively. How to pick ties? What matters to me most is quality and the pattern comes next.

There are many tie brands so the options are endless but there are a number of brands worth remembering so that you can buy one when an opportunity arises. These brands include Turnbull & Asser (the price of a tie is from PLN 600 up, they were worn by Churchill, Reagan and Bush), E. Marinella (luxurious ties from PLN 1,000) and Passaggio Cravatte (one of few places on Earth where they can make a 7-fold, or the most prestigious and costly tie).

fot. Marcin Łuniewski


Elegant, dream high-end shoes ought to be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Ofxord shoes are the most classic type of shoe wear to wear with a suit. The core part of the shoe (covering the heel and the middle of the foot with eylets for laces) are sealed with the sole. This makes the shoe exceptionally slim looking.

Mules are the classic casual shoe. They look great with jeans and chinos and are also very comfortable. I wear them usually in the summer. I also have a boat shoe version of mules i.e. without the heel.

Monki buckled shoes (with one or two buckles) are the epitome of the smart casual style in shoe wear. These are typical day shoes that pair well with a less formal suit look or a coordinated set. The two-buckle versions look great with Italian-style trousers.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski


To me, the most classic and most favourite style are Wayfarer sunglasses. Why? I like my sunglasses simple and without any quirks. This style looks good both with formal attire and with more casual looks.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

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