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Pitti Imagine Uomo: Phenomenal men’s street fashion

I cannot imagine the world of men’s fashion without the Pitti Imagine Uomo fair. It is an exceptional event which abounds in fashion shows, conferences and lots of other events. Above all, however, Pitti Imagine Uomo boast having the highest density of well-dressed men – truly modern dandies – per square metre. Just have a look at the photographs I took there two years ago! Even though I am will not be attending the event this year, I wrote a post about it for you.

Some history

It all began in the 1940s. In Florence, tailors had their hands full with work all the time as there were no shops offering ready-made clothes and all attire was made to measure. What is more, owing to the touristic potential of the city, more and more visitors started coming there who appreciated the craftsmanship of the local clothing makers.  Giovanni Batista Giorgini noticed this and decided to take full potential of Florence as the city of tailors and historical monuments.

The first fashion fair organised by him was actually devoted to women’s fashion and it was held at Giorgini’s own home. It was so successful that Giorgini and others pursued this idea in the years to come. This is how the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana came to life and its core activities consisted in, among others, organising women’s fashion fairs. The first Pitti Uomo menswear fashion fair was not held until 1972.

Today, Pitti Imagine Uomo is one of the most important men’s fashion events in the world. The number of trendsetters visiting Florence in January and June is so high that this is the place to see trends that will only become widespread. This was e.g. the case with the double-breasted jacket which is now coming back into the spotlight after many years of absence in men’s fashion. The first ever signs that this cut would make it back to the runways were spotted right here in Florence a few years ago.

Two brands to watch out for

During this year’s fair, apart from a multitude of Italian fashion brands who showcase their collections each year, there are also two interesting brands that were invited to take part in the fair this year. I would like to tell you more about each.

The first is Teflar Clemens. The US-based designer has an excellent feel for unisex fashion and he focuses on making clothes that both men and women can wear. Stefano Pilati said of him that he does not care what other fashion designers are doing. Clemens is certainly a designer to watch out for.

The other visiting brand is Random Identities founded by said Stefano Pilati. Pilati had been working for the mainstream fashion industry for many years, but at one point he decided to change something and design fashion his own way.

Pilati founded Random Identities to become a platform for exchanging ideas and he keeps inviting various creative minds to cooperate with him. Monochromatic oversize jackets, trench coats and creased trousers is just part of the offering of Random Identities. Interestingly, the prices are not exuberant and range from USD 100 to 500.

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