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Max & Brands: Modern elegance at its best

It’s been some time since I last blogged about fashion. This is why a while ago I decided to do a photo shoot dressed in clothes from the Max & Brands boutique. I am posting it today on St Nicholas Day when Poles give each other small gifts. So, if you have not got anything for your hubby yet, this is the place to go.

Max & Brands is a multi-brand boutique. It features clothing, shoes and accessories by excellent Italian luxury brands that are not available in mass distribution in Poland. Noble fabrics, interesting cuts and off-beat accessories are not everything the place has to offer – you can always count on great fashion advice from the staff.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

A visit at Max & Brands is an incredible experience which puts the client and his needs in the spotlight. As you enter the shop, time slows down and the genuine Italian espresso I am always treated to tastes divine. What brands does the shop run? Here is a brief description of each.


A brand combining modern technologies with the traditional skills of Italian craftsmen. Each collection of clothing is made in Italy, hence its excellent finishing. The brand’s customers include Barack Obama, Michael Douglas and George Clooney.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

Pal Zileri

A brand faithful to the best tailoring traditions offering its customers collections combining excellent craftsmanship, modernity and innovativeness.

Sartoria Tramarossa

A small clothing manufactory collaborating with suppliers of the best denim fabric made according to traditional methodology. The first pair of jeans with the distinct red edges was made in 1967 and it instantly won a large following of devoted fans. The entire manufacturing process is held in the denim production hub in Vincenza owing to which Sartoria Tramarossa can keep a watchful eye on way its products are sourced and made.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski


This brand has been the symbol of refinery, style and the most sophisticated collections for over 50 years now. Tombolini made its mark in the world with its Zero Gravity collection of ultra-light jackets (300g) made with 100% natural fabrics.


This brand is mostly associated with waterproof coats and jackets. Owing to constant growth and an innovative approach Herno has earned the status of one of the most sophisticated Italian clothing brands. Its attire is both functional and stylish.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski


Moreschi shoes are made by hand using the Goodyear Welted method, which in the shoe wear industry stands for luxury and topmost quality. The brand’s customers include many celebrities and famous people from show business, politics and sport. Some of the most renowned customers were John Paul II and Benedict XVI.


A brand founded in 1880 in Northamptonshire embodies the longstanding British shoemaking traditions. Barker shoes are made by hand from the best quality leather are evergreen classics that are appreciated by men to whom elegance and comfort are indispensable.

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

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