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Mansory and Techart: High-end tuning

To tune or not to tune, is the question. Does a car worth a few hundred thousand or a few million dollars really need extra perks? If it does, what kind?

These are the questions I kept asking myself during my visit to the Geneva Motor Show this past March. I was curious about whether I will like cars upgraded by two famous tuning companies Mansory and Techart. And you know what? I did. This is why I wrote this post about these two businesses.

Let me just add that it was the first time that I saw outstanding cars that actually looked much better after being tuned.


Mansory was founded in Germany in 1989. Initially, the company dealt in tuning Rolls-Royce and Bentley limousines and Aston Marton and Ferrari sports cars. Over time, the offering was expanded onto Porsche, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes and Bugatti cars, to name but a few makes.

What exactly does Mansory do? It makes themost of luxury cars, since the brand representatives claim that every car – even one that is designed in the best possible way – can be improved.

Mansory is a true manufactory – everything is done manually by the best craftsmen from top-quality materials e.g. carbon fibre. It enables to reduce the weight of the and at the same time improve performance or decrease fuel consumption.

Mansory also improves the aerodynamic properties and modifies the engine control software. It also tunes the interior of the vehicle in a way that left me speechless, and the only thing I could mouth was “wow”.


Techart “upgrades” cars after Porsche designers have done their work. The company is also based in Germany. The scope of services of Techart is similar to that of Masonry with the only difference being that Techart is dedicated to one car make only.

Techart modifies engine performance, “slims down” the chassis, changes the sound of the exhausts and offers manual finishing of the interior. All this is done by its staff who are absolute masters in their craft.

Both Masonry and Techart are the top of the tops in car tuning.


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