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Is it worth purchasing a palace?

There was a time when manor houses and palaces were scattered all over Poland. The residences of the nobility and the gentry enchanted with their beauty and excellent architecture.  Unfortunately, the many wars that Poland was struck by resulted in the destruction of many of these buildings. Those that survived the tumultuous times often turned to ruin as a result of mismanagement.

This is why it is especially important to keep an eye on historical properties such as the palace in Dołhobycz. Some time ago, the late Classicist structure along with all the developments was listed with my company.

fot. Crystal House

Dołhobyczów: A charming border village

The first mention of Dołhobyczów, a village situated at the foot of the Grzęda Sokalska, dates back to the 15th century. The local palace was erected by Ludwik Rastawiecki, whose family owned the village from the early 18th century until the mid 19th century. The village was inhabited by both Poles and Ukrainians. In the inter-war period, Dołhobyczów was annexed to Ukraine but after WWII it was returned back to Poland.

fot. Crystal House

The nineteenth century palace

The palace was erected in the early 19thcentury. Initially, it was not as spectacular as it is now – it was designed as a one-floor manor house. In 1837, however, it was rebuilt as per the design of Antonio Corazzi (the very same architect who designed the Grand Opera, the Staszic Palace or the Mostowski Palace in Warsaw). Around this time also other building on the premises were erected including a lumber room (where valuable objects were stored), stables, a mill and distillery.

fot. Crystal House

A hotel in a palace?

The building underwent an overall renovation in 1982 and today awaits its new owner who will give it a new lease of life. The luxury property in a beautiful and attractive location is the perfect venue of a hotel, spa, conference centre or a care home. In fact, there exists a design of adapting the building for the purposes of a hotel approved by the monument conservator. Irrespective of what the palace will be used for by the new owner, it will continue to charm with its sublime architecture, charming surroundings as well as the peace and quiet provided for its location far from the big city buzz.

The price for this gem? PLN 5,000,000.

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