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DSquared2 and Balenciaga: My favourite clothing brands

I recently wrote a post about the history of a brand I have been thinking highly of for a long time now, namely Louis Vuitton. Today, it is time for another two: DSquared2 and Balenciaga. The clothes I am wearing in today’s photo shoot are by these two brands.


The brand was founded by two Canadian-born brothers – Dean and Dan. Hence the name – DSquared2. At first they worked for the Ports International brand and eventually decided to set up their own brand. In the early 1990s, the brothers relocated to Milan where they worked for Versace and Diesel. They showcased their first men’s collection in 1995 and the first women’s collection in 2003.

elegancki mężczyzna

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

Stars and celebrities who have ordered clothes from the designer duo include Madonna, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Nicolas Cage and Lenny Kravitz. The brothers also designed the uniforms for Juventus football club as well as a limited collection of shoes for the Olympic Games in Athens.

What is it that I like so much about the brand? Its skilful blend of punk rebellion with class and elegance. The extravagant designs let you add a pinch of madness into the life of a man with an ordered life like myself.

elegancki mężczyzna Mr Luxury

fot. Marcin Łuniewski


Balenciaga is a brand with many years of tradition established by Spaniard, Cristobal Balenciaga who opened his first boutiques in 1918 in Madrid and Barcelona. The Spanish aristocracy would buy their attire from him, perhaps because Balenciaga had always been a visionary, apart from being an excellent tailor.

Alas, the breakout of the Spanish civil war forced Balenciaga to emigrate to France. However, leaving his homeland turned out to have its perks – in France Balenciaga spread his wings and proved how creative he was. Bold reds, trimmings and details and ruffles were telling of the designers Spanish background.

elegancki mężczyzna Mr Luxury Warszawa

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

Interestingly, Balenciaga wished for his brand to cease to exist after his death. This is not what happened, though, and attire branded with the name of the Catalan master as still being made today. Are the current designs by the brand in any way linked to Balenciaga’s life work in fashion? They certainly are very innovative, as was his entire fashion business. This is what I like most about them.

elegancki mężczyzna Warszawa

fot. Marcin Łuniewski

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