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Tiger Woods: A great return of the master?

The saying  “rising like a Phoenix from the ashes” perfectly sums up the career of one of the greatest golf players of all times. Tiger Woods quickly reached the top of the tops and stayed there for a long time, but when he finally fell off the pedestal, he did so in a spectacular and painful way. The 42-year-old Woods is rebuilding his standing from scratch. He underwent four spinal surgeries, untangled his personal life and has once again proven what an excellent sportsperson he is.

The youngest Masters champion in Augusta

Eldrick ”Tiger” Woods –  is the real name of the golf master – took up golf when he was just 2 years old.When he was 8, he won the US Junior Championships in the youngest category of 9-10 year olds. By 20, he had already won three world championship titles. He won the Masters tournament in Augusta at just 21. For many years he was a sure winner of every tournament he competed in.

Toger Woods idzie po uderzeniu

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683 weeks at the top

Tiger Woods was the leader of the golf players ranking for a record-breaking 683 weeks. He won the PGA Tour 80 times, and the European Tour 40 times. He worked as a magnet for advertisers – he was the face behind brands such as Tag Heuer, Accenture, Gatorade, Nike or Gillette. Although his tumultuous personal life made the advertisers withdraw their contracts at some point in the past, in just 2017 the ad revenue of Woods amounted to nearly USD 42 million. He had been a high-earner earlier already – in 2009, Woods became the first sportsperson to have made more than USD 1 billion.

Tiger Woods uderzył piłkę

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A stormy life off the golf course

In 2009, the scandal involving the golfer’s personal life broke out. Tiger Woods admitted to being a sex addict, a compulsive cheater and to having encounters with prostitutes. His wife threatened to leave him if Woods would not go into therapy. Another problem that surfaced around that time was his overdosing of medicines. Woods disappeared from the public eye for a few years but the seasons 2012 and 2013 marked his great comeback. The player won 8 tournaments and went back to being at his best.

Tiger Woods rozdaje autografy

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Injuries and four spine surgeries

Woods’ lucky streak was broken by injuries. Problems with his back, strained by many years of effort, began. The sportsman had trouble sitting, could hardly walk and his future in golf was uncertain. Woods underwent four spine surgeries and a few months of rehabilitation to get back on the course. This is why he began the 2018 season by ranking somewhere between places 700 and 799 and the lowest position he was ranked at in recent years was 1199.

Tiger Woods i dwóch innych mężczyzn rozmowa

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The victory in Atlanta

Tiger Woods is a tough player, he has excellent technique and has incredible mental endurance. His victory in the Atlanta tournament this past September is proof positive that Woods has gotten a grip on his life and can still play as well as he had. This was his first win in 5 years. Most likely not the last one either.


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