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Maserati MC20: sports elegance

Elegant, sporty and super-fast – that’s the new Maserati MC20, which stole my heart at first sight.

A. Lange & Soehne: luxury watches from Germany

A. Lange & Soehne are watches with over 170 years of tradition, great mechanisms and timeless elegance.

Saint-Jeannet: Where the mountains and sea meet (almost)

Saint-Jeannet is a beautiful town in the Provence-Alps-French Riviera region.

Moon Yacht 60: an alternative to a house in the south of Europe

Moon Yacht 60 is not only an amazing boat, but also a floating house with an unprecedented level of luxury!

Brabus 900 Rocket Edition: the fastest SUV in the world

The Brabus 900 Rocket Edition is not so much the fastest SUV in the world, but simply a real automotive rocket!

A spectacular residence in Konstancin

This extremely beautiful and remarkably decorated residence with a swimming pool will offer new owners spacious rooms and nature outside the window!

Cannes Yachting Festival: as always, the best event for boat enthusiasts

As every year, I admired the most beautiful motor boats and sailboats during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, which ended a week ago.

5 luxury watches that impressed me in 2021

Here are 5 luxury watches that made a huge impression on me in 2021 and I felt that I would like to have them!

Mykonos: parties, snobs and beautiful beaches!

Mykonos is one of those islands that attracts celebrities and partygoers, but everyone will find something for themselves here!

An amazing penthouse in Służewiec

This penthouse in Służewiec is an ideal proposition for those who appreciate a modern, minimalist style and a quiet, green neighborhood.