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McLaren GT: best of both worlds

Mc Laren is well known for manufacturing fast cars using the know-how from the world of Formula 1. These cars are rarely associated with long, comfortable journeys. However – for the second time in history – McLaren decided to make a model designed not for short city drives but comfortable long car journeys.

fot. McLaren

The idea

The new McLaren GT was planned as an alternative for means of transport such as helicopter and aeroplane. Of course, even McLaren cars will not drive as fast as a helicopter or aeroplane can fly but the “fun factor” is what will encourage a potential buyer to purchase the car.

fot. McLaren

A lot of room

In the first GT-type McLaren car, or the McLaren 570GT the trunk was ridiculously small and could be accessed only through the rear window. Not great for a GT. The new model is upgraded in this respect – the trunk has a capacity of 420 l and the storage compartment in the front provides another 150 l of space. Not bad at all.

fot. McLaren


McLaren will always stand out on the street. But the GT has slightly „subdued” features. Obviously, it is clear the car is not a Toyota or Mazda, but the vehicle was specifically made with real-road driving in mind. The front bumper is slightly raised (the curbs!), and the space can be enlarged further.

The interior boasts the best materials there are (you can choose between nappa leather, cashmere or alcantara) and quite an intuitive cockpit. One drawback is two-seats only and given this is a GT, it should fit at least 4passengers. However, its designers claim that the back seats are actually rarely occupied in fast cars, and often serve as storage space for luggage.

fot. McLaren

The engine

The car is fitted with the V8 engine known from other cars from this manufacturer. The engine’s power is 620 HP and torque is 630 Nm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds and the maximum speed is allegedly 326 km/h, but nobody of a sane mind would dare to verify this in Poland – where would they be able to test the car anyway?

The first McLaren GT’s will be delivered to their new owners in late 2019.

fot. McLaren

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