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Concierge services: The impossible does not exist

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I have been considering launching concierge services as part of my business Crystal House for some time now. Recently, though, it has become a priority project for me so today’s post will be devoted to this topic.

Who is a concierge?

Those of my readers who have been following my blog since the very beginning know that I had been thinking about introducing concierge services for a while now. I actually wrote about it in one of the first ever blog posts. However, time went on and I had my hands full with other business. Finally, the perfect time for my pet project has arrived and I think that quite soon my company Crystal House will start offering the services of a personal assistant to all those who need such assistance.

While using concierge services, one can order having a yacht charetered. (

What do concierge services consist in? In short, a concierge deals with and handles different, often time-consuming and seemingly impossible tasks for the client: travel arrangements, real property management, purchase of hard-to-get tickets for sports and cultural events or handling a house move. So, they can concern both daily chores as well as fulfilling one of a kind dreams and wishes.

Concierge will help to find places unavailable to ordinary people.

What kind of concierge services will be offered by Crystal House?

This was the question I had to ask myself and the obvious answer was that this will be everything connected with real property, i.e.:

  • management of luxury real properties
  • handling house moves
  • designing interiors and selection of furniture of world-class designers
  • oversight of renovation works
  • management of the installation of all house systems (monitoring, sound, smart home devices)
  • hiring staff who will take care of his or her real property (housekeeper, gardener, cleaning staff, etc.) on behalf of the client.

Luxury limo needed ASAP? Not an issue for a concierge. (Rolls-Royce)

However, I would not like for the concierge services offered by Crystal House to be limited only to real property-related tasks, which is why I am also planning to introduce other services such as arranging private jet flights and booking accommodation at top hotels, yacht charters, lease of luxury cars, purchasing exceptional gifts, personal shopping, etc.

Concierge will help to purchase and decorate a property, as well as help with moving in.

Stay tuned as a new tab dedicated to concierge services will soon be added on the Crystal House site. The impossible does not exist and this is something I intend to prove to my future clients 😉

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