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The Polish Business Roundtable Club: an ideal place for networking

I cannot imagine my work without networking. As an entrepreneur operating in the field of luxury real estate I have often used the power of personal contact. I am constantly looking for opportunities to make new friends.

Warsaw offers many opportunities to meet someone interesting business-wise, but I appreciate any combination of business with pleasure such as exquisite cuisine and business meetings in a more relaxed atmosphere. That is why I very much support initiatives such as the Polish Business Roundtable Club.

fot. FB Amber Room

The Polish Business Roundtable Club has been operating since 1997. It was established by the Polish Business Roundtable which brings together the elite of Polish entrepreneurs. The mission of the Polish Business Roundtable is to promote the development of the Polish economy and consolidate the business environment. Can you imagine a better consolidation of the environment than with a glass of fine wine and over a plate of delicious dishes prepared by one of the best Polish chefs?

fot. Krzysztof Adamek

The headquarter of the Club is the Sobański Palace to which I had dedicated one of my previous posts. Its symbol – the sculpture of David which which has been present in the palace garden since 1897. This sculpture is a copy of the famous statue by Donatello. The inscription on its pedestal – “Vincit vim animus” – refers to victory, courage and ingenuity.

fot. FB Amber Room

The Polish Business Roundtable Club organizes many events that are an excellent opportunity for networking. There are meetings, business and political lectures, club evenings as well as events gathering the capital jet-set. In the same building there is the Amber Room restaurant and that’s why  tasting of food and spirits are often held here. In the Sobański Palace you can also admire fine art during house exhibitions or displays organized by the Museum of Modern Art.

This is a unique place on the business and culinary map of Warsaw.

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